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Monday, March 28, 2005

Egyptian for Easter

My roommate Sarah and I ended up at this amazing little Egyptian restaurant last Easter Sunday on Steinway in Astoria. We decided to make it an annual event and went to visit our new favorite friend, Mustafa El Sayed, owner, chef and artist at the Mombar Cafe on Steinway, again this Easter. There's no sign on the door outside- just an amazingly unique and artistic storefront that you won't miss- with the giant eye watching you from above the front window. When you walk in, you're surrounded by color and beauty and amazing creativity. Mr. El Sayed has created everything himself- the walls, the table tops- the chandelier made from cut bottle tops. And every morsel of food is amazing and tenderly created. My favorite dishes are the mussels in garlic and tomato with chef's special spices for appetizer, the salmon and vegetables wrapped in a filo pastry baked in the oven (a non-menu special item), the roasted lamb with vegetables and dried fruit served with a perfect pyramid of couscous, and the Om Ali- a magical dessert of filo, raisins, coconut and other warm goodness in a milky soup- it's almost like a pourridge, almost like a bread or rice pudding. But amazingly delicious.

image from a japanese blog.

Mombar Restaurant
25-22 Steinway Street.
(bet 25th & 28th Ave.)

xoxo, xtal


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