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Monday, May 02, 2005

Yogee Noodle

Flynn and I were wandering around before a Bowery show and found this great little noodle shop. The food was delicious and CHEAP! I got a rice plate- a big serving of lemon chicken over rice for $3.50! She got an order of Szechuan Style Bean Curd- some kind of spicy tofu- $6.95 and could have fed 3 people. We got an order of spring rolls and they were fat and perfect- $3.25 for 3.
Or total came to $14 and there was so much food- we packed it to go and gave it to some homeless dudes on our way to the show. The food was some of the best Chinese I've had in the city and oh so easy on the wallet!
The place was brand new looking and the staff was so friendly and accomodating.


Yogee Noodle
85 Chrystie St
New York, NY 10002

xoxo, xtal


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