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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Most amazing restaurant you'll never hear about.
Seriously, there's pretty much no publicity on this place because Mr. Shopsin doesn't want it. But it's amazing and the best kept NYC secret.
Thank you Maygin, for telling me about it.
So here's how my adventure went.
I started by studying the massive menu online. Seriously- 6 pages in 10 pt. font and no blank spaces. They have these amazing combo plates that Mr. Shopsin hates to make, but they're really 3 meals in one. They have 30 kinds of shakes. They have at least that many kinds of pancakes.
So you get there and you better not have more than 4 people in your party or they won't seat you. Turn off your cell phone unless you want to get kicked out. Daughter and Son do the hosting, seating, waiting, serving, bussing. Dad and his help in the kitchen. And the yelling between them makes me oh so homesick! It's the most endearing place I've ever entered. The place itself feels like any old diner, until you notice the boxes of candy everywhere and the painted portraits of the Shopsin family members. There's a giant metal sign in one corner- "All our cooks wear condoms". There's a counter where you serve yourself coffee- which is amazing for me because that means I can actually drink 3 or 4 mugs and not have to harass the waitress for more coffee every 5 minutes.
So my food comes. I ordered a combo plate- Ropa Vieja Huevos Rancheros with a mound of amazing guacamole, 2 fried eggs covered in fried cheese, and coconut and chocolate chip pancakes. Served with a thing of tortillas. It was literally about 2 full pounds of food. I ate almost all of it. The meat was like a pulled beef stew with onions and jalapenos and bell peppers- it was amazing. The spice in the meat was purely from the dosage of jalapenos, and it was perfect and amazing. I couldn't stop eating. Kim got the Ying Yang bowl- she choose cilantro chicken soup- which I sampled and died for- and a rice with tomatoes and artichokes. It was a simple combination of food but so delicious! And again, the amount they have her was amazing! Flynn ordered an eggs Florentine and maple glazed pancakes and bagel with goat cheese and tomato combo plate. The Florentine was more like a Florentine casserole and it looked creamy and divine.
On your way out, don't forget to grab candy! They have Fun Dip and candy cigarettes- and if you pass by the candy shelf, they'll remind you to grab some!

I love Shopsin's. And I love the Shopsins.
54 Carmine St., NY NY


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